Let’s save.

Whenever we about to start a #newyear one of the things I put emphasis on is #saving which is something that’s very vital in these difficult economic times.

There are obviously various methods of achieving this, one of which I enjoy and requires utmost discipline is loading cash on my #giftcards for rainy days and the next festive season.


These are some of the cards I have, I think I have five in total. I load anything between 50 bucks to 100 bucks. Now, usually during the year I don’t use them, I load them for #DecemberHolidays and the most financially challenging month #January, I use them for groceries, gifts (for my family during Christmas) and all the necessities required. Thus, I avoid using #bonusmoney and my salary. It helps, it works for me, maybe you can try it too. Its time we are #financialsmart little savings do help eventually #financialsmart2017 #letssave #savingnation #takingcareofourfinances


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