Love always wins…

Posted on Facebook 05 August 2014.


I DONT KNOW MUCH ABOUT LOVE, but, You, who’s reading this, know that love is great. Love is beautiful, your past pains, hurts disappointments should not close the door to love. Open your heart to love, remember where love does not exist hate lives. When people don’t love you as you expect them to, dont take it personally. They probably still figuring what’s love all about, they are not there yet or they’ve never been there before, give them time if you must.

I love how 1 Cor 13 express love, yes love is all those things. If you are not there yet don’t punish yourself, if others aren’t there yet understand. Nothing is so painful as forced love, forced love becomes an unpleasant full time job for the giver and reciever.



I believe in love so much. i love and deserve love. Im not scared of it, it gives me so much joy to know i can love someone like that, to want to love and care for someone, to give it completely, love excites me. And i now know i can never love someone without loving myself totally and completely .My journey to self-love is incredible, i love and accept myself as i am. Thus when loving someone else i must love and accept them as they are. But this becomes tricky when their values, belief systems clashes with yours. Do you change them into being someone they arent? No, That aint going to work. What you can do, is wait and hope that one day they’ll change or walk away. REMEMBER, that does not mean you don’t love them anymore. BUT you love them enough to let them go so they can live their desired life.


Love has to be about giving and recieving, two-way street, I am not gonna lie, love is enjoyable when it’s like that, but if you dont get it back you have a choice remember that. And yes there are lots of factors that come to play when building a successful loving relationship. I reiterate, love is beautiful. AND, It is so great to give love and recieve it.

Let love live in your hearts…as i open my heart to love.


“LOVE is a commitment to protect another person’s heart with the same passion that you guard your own” ~ Rob Hill Sr.

“True Love is boundless like the ocean and, swelling within one, spreads itself out and, crossing all boundaries and frontiers, envelops the whole world” ~ Gandhi.

ItsMajesty “allow yourself to be great”


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