I remember saying to Molebatsi, IMG_20170617_105303when we were talking about the #bootcamp that I attended earlier this month, “this is going to be my come back, I want to commit to this lifestyle”. The #bootcamp was on the 17th of June 2017, it was one of the challenging things I’ve participated on, but I knew why I was there, I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted something that would motivate me into going back to the fitness/gym lifestyle, and it sure did. My muscles were sore, I had slight injury on of my toe, that though didn’t persuade me otherwise, if anything I was more determined to get back to it. The #bootcamp was my first, it was grilling, tough and challenging but I had to soldier on, the space was so exciting, we shared laughter, we encouraged each other and most of all we were women in unity.

FitFabMoms Bootcamp

On the following Monday, 19th of June 2017, I then challenged myself to do a #100DaysOFCleanEating, #100DaysOfCuttingOutBadFoods and #100DaysOfTakingCareOfMyself and today it’s the 10th day

This is was my very first post:

Habits will turn into a lifestyle. One thing I’ve learned is to be patient with myself, look at failures as obstacles not permanent situations. Turning a new leaf, focusing on my health and fitness amongst other things. Accepting my flaws and failures, knowing though that the next moment will come and I can do better. I couldn’t commit to my training plan yesterday, that doesn’t mean I have to throw in a towel. Life is a marathon, life is a journey – allowing myself to be great. #AllowYourselfToBeGreat 💕😘

NB: I’ll try to post whenever I can and possibly blog about this journey.


It hasn’t been all hunky-dory, it’s so challenging. Every day comes with it’s own challenges; this journey requires so much discipline, planning and commitment. I am so glad that I am still as determined; I still want to work hard and commit to this until the last day and beyond that.IMG_20170625_104742

Habits will turn into a lifestyle, scrap that, #HabitsAreLifestyle.


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